Monday 8 January 2018

Kimberley Chambers Interview

Some people are made for a life of crime...
Dragged up on a council estate, Jason Rampling was determined to change his lot. Jason's a chancer, shameless with his good looks and his gift for earning a few quid. Life is easy when the money rolls in. 

Some people are ruined by it...
Melissa thought she'd struck gold marrying Jason. Being on his arm meant she was finally a someone. But there's no glamour in waiting for your husband to come home, or waiting for a knock on the door. Melissa made her bed the day she made her vows - will she lie in it without a fight?

Some would kill for it...
After a stretch inside, Jason wants to pull off just one last job, the biggest of all, it could solve all of their problems. But this is a game that could cost them everything...

We can't wait to read Life of Crime, the gripping new title from the Queen of Gangland Crime, Kimberley Chambers. We caught up with Kimberley to find out about her new book and what you can look forward to on the book tour! 

You can find all of Kimberley's upcoming events here, including signings, talks, and chats with her favourite authors at venues across the country.

We can’t wait to read your new book Life Of Crime! Please tell us a little bit about your inspiration for writing it and what we can expect.

Having just come away from a gangland crime series I wanted to do something a little bit different.  The first scene of Life Of Crime is set in the Dagenham Sunday market, a place I used to work. Jason Rampling works on a shoe stall and is a bit of a chancer. He has a choice to make: love or money. The choice he makes changes his life forever, and is how he ends up in a life of crime…

What is a writing day like for you?

 I normally write of an evening. On a good day, I get up and go to the gym, have lunch and take the dogs out, then have a bit of a siesta. I usually start writing late afternoon and will write through the evening, often to the early hours. My previous jobs include DJ-ing and mini-cabbing, and I used to do the night shift – I’ve always been a night owl.

At BookGig we are passionate about bringing readers closer to the authors they love at events across the country. As both an author and reader, why do you think this is important?

Writing can be quite a solitary life and it’s amazing to get out and meet my readers, as well as the people I’ve connected with on social media.  It’s lovely to meet people face-to-face. I enjoy doing talks at libraries, as the people who come to my talks are passionate about my books. I recently did a talk at Styal Prison in Cheshire. My books are popular in the library there.
The inmates were so passionate about my characters and stories they could practically recite them word for word. One of my books was also featured in World Book Night, which aims to get people reading from all walks of life, and that’s really important to me. Finding a love of reading can help you through the tough times in life.

 Do you have a particular memory from a talk or signing event that sticks in your mind?

Early on in my career I did some events to a large group of very posh Jewish ladies – little did they know that my old boss on Roman Road market taught me some Yiddish slang which wasn’t to be repeated in good company! So, there was a few shocked faces in that crowd when I sprinkled it through my talk. Still makes me chuckle now.  I’m a little better behaved these days, mind.

     What’s the best thing about meeting your fans?
I don’t see my readers as fans – probably because I come from a council estate and am as down to earth as they come. I love meeting my readers face-to-face and we often pop to the pub after my talks or signings – so come and join us, the more the merrier!   

     Do you spend a lot of time in bookshops? What makes a bookshop special for you?

I don’t spend too much time in bookshops as I’m usually busy writing, but I love unique independents. My first event was Newham Bookshop so that remains special and close to my heart. I met Gilda O’Niell there, she was a lovely lady but unfortunately has since passed away.

We can see that your dog Fred often joins you at events and is a big hit with fans! If you could choose any author to do join you for a literary chat, who would it be?

Fred outshines me by a mile. Whenever I come back from events I come home with a case of treats and presents people have given me to bring back for Fred. Now he has a sister, Doll, I’m even further down in the pecking order! 

On my upcoming book tour I’m really looking forward to doing events with some author pals and legends – check out for all the dates and authors I’m on tour with.  If I had to choose an author I haven’t been on tour with it would have to be Jilly Cooper.  I’m a big fan of her books, I loved Riders, Rivals and Polo and recently had the great pleasure of meeting her at the WHSmith Anniversary Gala Ball.

Did you read any books over Christmas?

Yes, my favourite was The Woman in the Window, by AJ Finn – I was lucky to get an early copy sent by my publishers and I couldn’t put it down. It’s out a few weeks after Life of Crime is published and I’d highly recommend it.  

What sort of storylines of yours can we be looking forward to in the near future?

My next book is very different to anything I’ve written before, I’m currently a third of the way through it. It’s about a young lad who, in the first few chapters of the story, finds his life is turned upside when he loses everything. And one very cruel act means he’ll spend the rest of his life hell bent on revenge.  This book is set in the 70s and 80s, two of my favourite decades to write in. I love the music and fashion of those days and the world was a better place back then.

You can follow Kimberley on her Twitter and Facebook pages. 


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