Wednesday 27 September 2017

Discussing Gender and Diversity

Here at BookGig we’ve been seeing a wealth of events based around the themes of Gender and Diversity this October. From the presence of women in politics and science to the importance of transgender and gay rights, there is something for everyone to open their mind and find strength in themselves and others. 

Sophy Ridge: Women Who Shaped Politics | 2nd October 6:30pm

What is it like to be a woman in politics today? Sky News presenter Sophy Ridge addresses this question in her new book chroniciling the efforts of British female politicians to be equal and be heard. From those who first penetrated the Westminster patriarchy to their modern counterparts, such as Theresa May and Nicola Sturgeon, this is sure to be a thought-provoking and inspirational event. 

Interested in other events about women in politics? Why not try this event with MPs Rachel Reeves and Jess Phillips.

Gender Politics Today | 6th October 6:30pm

From the moment we are born, we are clothed in blue or pink according to what's between our legs. It is society's tendency to pigeon-hole unique individuals into restrictive gender parameters that transgender activists Juno Dawson and CN Lester aim to dispel. Both acclaimed authors in their own right, two voices at the forefront of the LGBTQ+ community lead a frank and eye-opening discussion about the need to strive for autonomy and authenticity.

Desperately want to see Juno Dawson but can't make this event? You'll find another opportunity here.

Robert Webb | 7th October 8:30pm

“Man up!” “Don’t throw like a girl!” “A real man would be drinking beer.” These are the gendered instructions actor and comedian Robert Webb addresses in his new book, ‘How Not to be a Boy.’ In the recent feminist wave, the role of men in gender discussions has been somewhat overlooked, but Webb’s book aims to denounce The Rules of masculinity and challenge the barriers put up by gender expectations. His candid coming-of-age story is honest, hilarious, and heartbreaking, and – as Robert says – you are completely allowed to cry.  

Feel inspired and empowered to revolutionise the gender imbalance in the world today with Baroness Shami Chakrabarti. In her manifesto for change, Shami outlines how we have not yet done enough to address global gender injustice and why now is the time to stand up and take action. This rousing ‘call to arms’ event is pertinent to men, women, young, and old. 

Full of strength and opinions? Share your feminist thoughts at this dedicated book club in London.

Inferior? Women and Science: Angela Saini | 15th October 4pm

The title of Angela Saini’s latest book may be ‘Inferior’, but its content is anything but. As an award-winning science journalist, author, and broadcaster, Angela provides well-researched evidence to argue that women have been misrepresented in Science. Challenge the view that both men and women’s brains and bodies are scientificially discrete, and develop new ways of thinking about females in scientific history.

You'll also find Angela Saini at this event with other inspirational female authors. 

The ‘Queers’ monologues have been featured onstage, on screen, and now in print – and here’s your chance to pick up a copy signed by the writers! This remarkable collection explores the evolution of societal attitudes in British gay history in the last century in a series of honest, tragic, witty, and heroic accounts. Curated by acclaimed actor and writer, Mark Gatiss, this is a rare event not to be missed. 

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Monday 18 September 2017

Hidden Gems - September Edition

With so many popular book events to choose from it can be difficult to find those hidden gems to tickle your literary taste buds. We've done some of the legwork for you with our pick of unique events happening over the next couple of weeks...

You can look forward to your alarm! Inject some creativity into your mornings by flexing your writing muscles at this interactive workshop led by Gemma Seltzer. Research shows we are more creative in the morning, and utilising this golden hour can improve productivity for the rest of the day! Suitable for all levels of creative writing experience, including those who just want to add a bit of imagination into their day. 

If you’re a ‘read the book before you see the film’ kind of person, this unique opportunity to meet the author will enrich your experience before seeing Judi Dench’s dramatic interpretation of the strong-willed Queen Victoria. Shrabani Basu’s ‘Victoria and Abdul’ tells the true story of an unlikely friendship formed between Queen Victoria and young Indian waiter Abdul Karim. Though their companionship is met with much fear and criticism from the royal household, Basu’s narration is a heart-warming tale of how friendship can transcend racial and social obstacles. There is also an opportunity to get a signed copy of the book. 

Can you tell the difference between prosecco and champagne? You’ll certainly be able to after this event with Britain’s youngest ever sommelier, Davy Zyw. As well as a fascinating talk on the history and production of champagne, there will also be an opportunity to try some of Zyw’s favourite selections. With a new-found appreciation for fizz, this event is sure to leave you bubbling with excitement for your next glass! 

An unmissable night of hilarity for any parent – this comedic duo’s hugely successful podcast series has lifted the lid on not-so-secret parenting fails, and championed wine and fish fingers as a fine dinner choice (no vino for the kids of course, Mummy needs it). Take a night off and join the ultimate Mum-crush pair for an unforgettable evening!

Wednesday 13 September 2017

Literary Festivals - September Edition

There's a bold variety of fascinating Literary Festivals happening this September, and we've selected some of our favourite events. Be sure to check out each festival's full programme, though, who knows what other delights you will find?!

Chiswick Book Festival | 14th-18th September

An Evening with Jane Austen - 14th September 6pm
The Chiswick Book Festival opens with this event, celebrating the life of Jane Austen 200 years after her death. Featuring Austen experts and biographers Paula Byrne and Helena Kelly, curator of Chiswick House Dr Esme Whittaker, and Sense and Sensibility actress Imogen Stubbs, this will excite existing Austen fans and attract new readers! 

Hampstead and Highgate Literary Festival | 14th-18th September

A chance for budding poets to receive some invaluable advice from award-winning poet Karen McCarthy Woolf. Bring along a line from a poem you admire and see what poetic magic Karen can help you weave from it!

Renowned poet and former Children’s Laureate Michael Rosen closes the festival with this discussion of his new memoir. Hear the compelling life story of the legend of children’s storytelling – from a childhood in the Communist Jewish East End to a life-changing trip to East Germany. 

Byres Road Book Festival | 22nd-25th September

Meet award-winning author of the heart-wrenching debut, ‘Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine’, Gail Honeyman. This wonderful Sunday Times bestseller will make you laugh and cry. Get reading now so that you can come armed with questions for its creator!

Love. It is the subject at the heart (pun intended) of all storytelling – whether it be the presence of it, the absence, the gain, or the loss. Join this eclectic panel as they discuss what love means to them, how it’s presented in their narratives, and how we can explore it in whole new ways.

This promises to be a truly inspirational and powerful event as two contributors, poet and writer David Constantine and writer Kit de Waal, reflect on their stories of racial and social injustice in British protests. Their tales are inspired by true events; the Oxford march in response to Enoch Powell’s ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech and the 1964 Smethwick Campaign.

Do you dabble in creative writing? Do you love BBC Radio 4’s short stories? Be sure to book yourself into a fascinating workshop run by BBC radio producer Liz Allard, teaching the necessary skills for engaging with people who listen to fiction. Liz will lead a series of workshops on creative process, supported by radio writer Alison MacLeod.

Immigration and refugees are key themes running throughout this year’s Festival. Hear the stunning second volume of Refugee Tales: a personal insight of asylum, modelled on Chaucer’s The Canterbury Tales, which promises to be as insightful as the first. Retelling ‘The Mother’s Tale’ is prize-winning author Marina Warner, and re-imagining ‘The Soldier’s Tale’ is award-winning novelist Neel Mukherjee.