Thursday 10 August 2017

Hidden Gems - August Edition

Team BookGig is great at sourcing popular events to take care of all your literary cravings, but we also prides ourselves on finding those lesser known gems! Take a trip off the beaten path and delve into these exciting August opportunities...

Sean Hugh’s Blank Book – 14th-24th August

Irish comedian Sean Hughes joins forces with Carl Donnelly, Hannah Norris, Joe Rowntree and special guests in an improvisation extravaganza as the comedians attempt to create a narrative for the audience to enjoy. Whether the improv works seamlessly and carries the narrative arc to its envisioned ending, or descends into narrative chaos, this is one event guaranteed to get you giggling.

The Beginners Guide to Writing a Novel – 15th August 

Love writing? Think you have what it takes to be the next bestselling author but no idea where to start? Tim Lott, author of The Scent of Dried Roses, has just the answer. Providing invaluable advice for novice writers, Lott aims to break down the classic story structure and share a number of helpful writing techniques to get first time novelists off to a roaring start on their debuts.

Join author Naomi Hamill at Manchester-Deansgate Waterstones as she celebrates the release of her new novel How To Be A Koskovan Bride. Learn about the little-known history of Albania, along with folk tales and the experience of modern Kosovan women, in this wonderfully engaging Q&A session.

If the science of the Universe, life and everything sounds like a complicated and vast topic then join Sam Kean and Helen Czerski in conversation, exploring and further expanding on their publications Caesar’s Last Breath and Storm in a Teacup. Uncover the science behind the air we breathe and the importance physics bears upon our everyday lives.