What is BookGig?
BookGig is an events platform that connects readers to the authors they love, featuring hundreds of book and author events across the UK.

What types of events do you feature?
We feature many types of events, from author talks and Q&As, to readings and signings, book launches, workshops and activities for children.

How can I list my event?
Tell us about an event by filling in some details here, or by emailing info@bookgig.com. Please note that we cannot feature all the events that are submitted to us.

Will you mention my event on social media?
We will endeavour to highlight as many events as possible via Twitter, even if we cannot feature the event on the main site.

How do you decide which events to feature?
We want our users to be confident about the events they attend, so we only select events from reliable, recognised organisers, such as major and independent booksellers, publishing houses, literary festivals, charities, libraries, museums and other public services. Full event information must be available from the organisers, including direct contact details. Events are selected at the editor's discretion.

How do you verify the legitimacy of events?
We work hard to source great events from reliable organisers and we research every event as thoroughly as possible. However, BookGig is not responsible for the events themselves, and users should always check details with the organisers. 

Who runs BookGig?
BookGig is run by a small team and features events from across the UK publishing industry. 

How do I book a ticket?
Details about how to book tickets are provided on all event pages. 

What happens if an event is cancelled?
We will always try to feature the most up to date information and if we discover that an event has been cancelled, we will remove the listing from our site. However, with hundreds of events to cover, we are unable to keep track of every single one and users are strongly advised to check all the details on the organiser's own website before heading to an event.

What if I can't find an event near me?
We showcase events from all over the country and add new ones every day, so if you don't find an event in your area straight away, we're sure you will very soon!

What if I have specific requirements, such as accessibility, etc?
Please check with the event organisers if you have accessibility requirements. All the details you need to get in touch with them are featured on the BookGig event listing. 

How do I sign up for your newsletter?
Very easily! Sign up on the BookGig homepage or, seeing as you're here, do it right now.

Who do I contact if there is incorrect information on BookGig?
If you spot something amiss, please email info@bookgig.com or support@bookgig.com.

How do I find out about events from my favourite authors?
Look out for your favourite authors by browsing events and filtering by genre; that way you might also discover events from other great authors you'd like, too. And don't forget to sign up to our email. 

Can I buy books on BookGig?
BookGig doesn't sell books directly at the moment, but from any event page you can click through to buy securely from various retailers.

If your question hasn't been answered, just email info@bookgig.com and we'll get back to you.