Monday 10 October 2016

Introducing BookGig

Welcome to BookGig!

We’re absolutely thrilled to launch this site, and we’re hoping it will become a must-visit for all book lovers in the UK.

There are so many fantastic author and book events happening in our fair isles, at bookshops, festivals and in local communities, but it can be difficult to find out about them all. That’s why we’ve created BookGig, your one-stop destination for literary happenings. You can search for an event in your local area or browse by genre to find your favourite authors or discover new ones you’ll love. Want to know what’s on at that festival you keep hearing about? Fancy a dose of culture with a glass of wine after work? Looking for activities to inspire your children this weekend? BookGig has got you covered.

The BookGig team has been working hard to compile as many events as possible – and will continue to do so – but it’s a big task. So we’d love to hear from you. If you’re an author or organiser with an event coming up, do let us know by filling out some details or contacting the team. We can’t promise we’ll be able to feature everything, but we’ll always endeavour to support your events on Twitter if we can’t do so on the site itself. You can check out our event guidelines here.

Finally, we’re particularly keen to hear from libraries and other local community centres about their events. We’re passionate about supporting what you do and would really like to work together. Please do get in touch.

So have a look around, follow us on Twitter, talk to us and ask us questions. At BookGig, we want to showcase the UK's thriving literary events scene, bring readers and authors together and share our love of books. We'd love you to join us.

The BookGig Team