Meet the Team

Lana Beckwith - Editor

Lana has worked in publishing since 2008 and her passion for storytelling in all its forms knows no bounds. She has editorial responsibility for BookGig and will be working hard to make the site your go-to destination for literary events in the UK. If you're an author or organiser with an event coming up, she'd love to hear from you. She is particularly keen to support the work of libraries and local communities in bringing readers and authors together. 

Nick Coveney - BookGig Platform Director

Nick has worked in publishing for over seven years, specialising in digital products, platforms and marketing campaigns. His love for books and storytelling is limitless (as is his passion for tech and computer games). He is responsible for the technical delivery and development of BookGig as well as its marketing strategy and is extremely open to any ideas. Nick wants BookGig to be the perfect platform for all literary events, so whether you’re a book-lover, a writer or a bookseller please get in touch with him if you have any feedback or potential partnerships you’d like to share with us.

Bethany Wickington - BookGig Assistant

Beth has been an integral part of the BookGig team since September and has assisted with lots of new exciting developments, from creating a personalised user profile to the shiny new redesign, and she can't wait to see where BookGig will go next! She is responsible for curating the best literary content so you always have a wide range of book events at your fingertips. She is particularly proud of promoting events on BookGig's social media channels which support, and give visibility to, libraries, local communities, and charities.